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Welcome to my website.  I am David Slater, a Freemason resident in Canberra, Australia, who belongs to four lodges in the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. This website is for Freemasons who have an interest in the ciphered texts of John Browne and William Finch produced at the turn of the 19th century. The files available at present are deciphered texts of John Browne’s 1798 and 1802 editions of his Master-Key and William Finch’s 1802 edition of his Masonic Treatise.  These are displayed with the original ciphered texts. The differences between Finch’s 1801 edition which he named “a Masonic Key” and his 1802 “Masonic Treatise” will be added later.  These differences from the 1802 edition include that it includes a number of extracts from William Preston’s writing not in the 1802 edition, is more difficult to set in order because the sections and degrees are not labelled, uses the long medial s (ſ) and there are errors which are corrected in the 1802 edition. I have also deciphered four quarto pages that accompanied John Browne’s Tracing Boards. These will appear after 9 May 2019, the date that I will be presenting a paper to Lodge Quatuor Coronati. If you are a Freemason and you wish to download these passworded files, please contact me for passwords. You are free to copy and print these files but acknowledgement of the source is required. Feedback, positive, pointing out errors or just general comment, is appreciated.